Block Strike Tips to Become a Master in This Game!

Block Strike is surely a fascinating First Person Shooter (FPS) game on mobile at this moment. Not only have a good gameplay, this game also supported with a cute and interesting block graphics. So, on this occasion, we would like to share some Block Strike tips which can help you to become a master in this fascinating game. As we know that many players are still finding it difficult to become a good and skillful player in this game. So, if you are one of those players, we suggest you check these out immediately!

Train Yourself on All Modes

block strike awp mode

In order to become a master in this game, we cannot only master one or two modes. Since there are 15 modes available here, so we have to master them all as well. Just train yourself and try to get used to playing all of those modes. If we are good in all modes, there is no one can defeat us because we already know what to do in a certain condition. But, try to focus on one mode first. If we have mastered that mode, then, we can try the others until we master them all.

Remember the Maps

The next thing which is so important for a gun battle is to remember the map. Remembering each map is very important especially for a battle like this. It could be an advantage for us if we know exactly every corner of a map. We will know where to hide, where to go when we are surrounded by enemies, and much more. That is why remembering the maps cannot be underestimated. Do not ever think that it is not important or useless because it can be the thing which could lead us to a win.

Buy a Better Weapon

block strike weapon

Buying a better weapon is just one of the most important things that we can share in this tips for Block Strike article. We cannot win a battle if we just using a standard weapon that we have since the beginning while the enemies are using a better one than that. So, we need to go to the shop and find one or two weapons which suitable for us. The weapons like machine guns, shotguns, or submachine guns are the one which is often used in the game. Just try to get one of those weapons.

Upgrade the Weapons

You may ever think why you still lose all the time although you are using the same weapon as the enemies. Actually, it is not because we are not good enough or there is something wrong with the game. It is because we have not upgraded our weapons yet. When we have a high-level weapon, we will have a better chance to beat the enemies and win the battle. But, if we do not, it would be difficult to do that. That is why we need to upgrade it as soon as possible when we have the Gold.

Use This One

All players might already know that it is not easy to buy weapons or upgrade it. We need the Gold to do all of that. And just we already know, the Gold also not easy to be obtained. But, by using a generator that we found, we can get tons of free Block Strike Gold just within minutes. Just for your information, most of the players who are better than us are using this way to help them win battles. With lots of Gold in their hands, they can buy the weapons they want and upgrade them anytime. That is why they can beat the other players easily because they have better weapons. So, just Visit Here if you want to try it!


Alright, we have shared all the Block Strike tips that we know with all of you. May the tips that we have shared above could be really helpful for you to become a master or at least a better player in this game. And if you want to ask something or share some tips that you already know, you can share it in the comment box that we have provided below!

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