Boruto Characters List, Mitsuki Character’s Review

There are so many people who wait for one special character from so many characters in Boruto characters list. Yeah, it’s Mitsuki. So, do you know who is him? Well, if you are a true lover of Boruto anime. You must know about him. To know him further let’s talk about him as our topic today.

Boruto Characters List: Mitsuki The Snake Sage

orochimaru's son

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite character in Boruto anime and manga. Yeah, you are totally right! It’s Mitsuki the Orochimaru’s son. This kid comes to the Boruto anime in the 5 episodes. He comes as the transfer student from the Sound Village. This village leader is one of the most deadly ninjas in Naruto era. Yeah, you are right, it’s Orochimaru the Genius ninja who want to kill Naruto and take over Sasuke body for his own. However, do you know what’s Orochimaru plan for sending Mitsuki to the Konohagakure Village?

Naruto comes and being the Hokage in Konoha replace his former Hokage Hatake Kakashi the Copy Ninja. Well, Naruto already success to achieve one of his biggest dreams. However, even though Naruto can achieve his dream, it means he should sacrifices so many things in his life for Konoha Village and unfortunately, Boruto feels ungrateful for naruto position as Hokage from Konoha Village.

Mitsuki comes and being a classmate in Boruto class in episodes 5 until 6 we can see that Mitsuki is an awesome ninja. My statement comes with an evidence that Mitsuki even can beat his teacher Aburame Shino a ninja that is so much higher in rank because he’s in Joonin rank. I think Mitsuki still had so many things that he hasn’t show to us.

Mysterious Ninja From Sound Village

mitsuki parents

There are still not so many info about Mitsuki and his parents. All we know is Mitsuki parents is only Orochimaru that act as his father and mother too. It’s explained in the manga that Mitsuki also has an older brother that also has a similar name with him but with a different meaning. The meaning of Mitsuki name is Moonlight but his older brother name has a different meaning than him, his brother’s name meaning is a vessel. He also was known as the youngest Sage that can control Sage Jutsu. However, the manga explains that Mitsuki uses it unconsciously. Well, I think we need to be a little more patient because he always prepares a surprise for us in every his anime like Naruto and Boruto.

So, what do you think about Boruto anime? Do you like it? Thanks for reading my article today about Mitsuki one from so many Boruto characters. See you soon in my next article and have a good day guys. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share my article if you think my article is useful enough for another Boruto fans. Arigatou Gozaimasu.

You adult can tell me what to do, I will decide what to do by myself.

-Mitsuki The Snake Sage

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