Dota 2 Hero Review: Davion The Dragon Knight

Do you ever play Davion the Dragon Knight in Dota 2? Yeah, this hero is played and picked even more than 14 times in a few Dota 2 tournament whether it’s big or small tournament. Well, that’s the reason why today I want to share you about Dragon Knight Davion Dota 2 hero review and guide. My hope when I’m sharing this article is I can make you a better player. Well, let’s find out more information about this hero today on my article.

Dota 2 Hero Review: Davion The Dragon Knight

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I bet every player of Dota 2 will know about this Dragon Knight hero called Davion the Dragon Knight. This hero is categorized as a melee strength hero that possessing abilities that will inflict superb burst damage from varying distances both close and range (only able when you use his dragon form). So the range isn’t a big obstacle for him. Dragon Knight Davion is a hero that blessed with the power of unbeatable physical damage and unimaginable regenerative healing power, so high attacking power will be just left a scratch when you meet this hero. Davion also equipped with a unique passive that allows him to increase his regenerative ability whenever he took damage from his enemies.

Davion the Dragon Knight can change his appearance into a big and dangerous dragon every time his ultimate skill is ready to go. He can change to 3 different types of the dragon along with his skill level.

  • The level 1 skill only allow him to change his self into poisonous dragon that able to breathe a corrosive breath,
  • Level 2 skill allow him to do splash attack combined with the corrosive breath
  • Level 3 is the ice dragon that will slow down the attack speed and movement speed of enemies and also adding a splash effect to his attack.

Davion Item Build


Well, to cdota 2 item buildombine the power of Davion the Dragon knight and your knowledge about some dota 2 tricks, you need a good item build, right? That’s why I make this Dota 2 item build guide for Davion the Dragon Knight, so you can follow it and become the professional player in no time. With out wasting any more time, check out the list below!

Davion’s Item Build:
  1. Power Thread
    • Do you need a lot of Health Point and damage? Try to use this item because the variety of attributes on this item is so useful.
  2. Shadow Blade/Silver Edge
    • Use this item as your escape plan. Because even though Davion is tanker hero, he needs is not really strong and that’s why this hero really needs this item for an escape plan. You also can change this item with Force Staff or Blink Dagger as the substitute item.
  3. Magic Stick
    • This item is your next escape plan. You can maximize the usage of this item because you are a tanky hero. However, this item won’t help you if you meet against a magical hero.
  4. Daedalus
    • Because you are a tank hero, I bet you are lacking in damage, right? That’s why you need to get this item in early damage to boost your pitiful damage.

Well, I think my article today about Davion the Dragon Knight on my Dota 2 hero review is enough and clear for today. If you think my tips this day is useful for you, please share this with your friends who love to play Davion too. Thanks for coming to my website. See you soon on my article and have a nice day.

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