Dota 2 Heroes Review: Oracle The Foreseen

A long time ago in unlimited and multiple parts of dimension and time. There lived someone who is being so famous among the other fortune teller. His name has been spread as the most accurate fortune teller and his name is Oracle the Foreseen. Well, that’s the short story from me about Oracle. So, what do you think about this hero? Do you ever play it before? Find out more information about this hero only on my article that will give you the Dota 2 heroes review about Oracle today.

Dota 2 Heroes Review About Oracle The Foreseen

Dota 2 tips

There are a lot of people who still look down at the power of Oracle to control someone fate. Do you know? Oracle is one from two Mages in Dota 2 that can save someone from their own death. Do you know? Oracle also come in Phantom Assasin story in her story on getting the Manifold Paradox. He is the one who can face Mortred the Phantom Assasin without shivering. Oracle told her that in the multiple universes he has been feeling it more than thousand times, he also says that sometimes the Phantom Assasin win but sometimes Oracle win. Later, the Oracle make an offer to strengthen her power. That’s a little lore from me about Oracle. Now let’s talk about his gameplay in a team role.

Oracle supports hero that control someone fate string. He has the ability to purify someone soul with burning it in Purifying Flame. He also can hold someone destiny with his False Promise skill. So, isn’t this hero skills is so amazing and very useful in a team fight? Well, there are also a few Dota 2 tricks that only can be used if there is someone in your team who use Oracle. The trick like unlimited Wraith King life and the fate breaker tricks for Naix the LifeStealer. However, all of this tricks is advanced tricks that need a lot of practice before you can use it to abuse your enemies.

Dota 2 Tips To Play Oracle

Dota 2 tricks

Because Oracle role is a support hero, he needs to be in the back line of the battlefield. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who forget about their role and start rushing to the frontline and died like an idiot or maybe the worst case, he is panic and saving his own ass rather than saving his carry team. Idiot? Yes, that’s totally the most idiot act that sometimes happens to Oracle player. That’s why this day I want to share some of my Dota 2 tips to play Oracle. Check it out!

  1. Stay behind!
    • Being in the back line doesn’t mean you are a coward. It’s the sign that you are clever enough to know your role. Because you are not a Carry, being in the front line would be your biggest mistake. Stay close to you Carry and remember to stay behind them. Support them even if you need to sacrifice your own self!
  2. Ward, ward, and ward!
    • Ward is the most important thing in this game. Make sure you put this thing on the strategic place because of this thing only available on a limited number and need a long time to recharge.
  3. Practice!
    • Practicing is the best way to become better and much better. Remember, every time you fall down or make a mistake, rather than giving yourself a punishment, make sure you learn from that mistake and take a small lesson from it.

Well, I think my article today about Dota 2 Heroes review on Oracle is clear enough. Thank you for sparing a few minutes to come and read my article today. I hope my article is useful enough for you. Please share my article today to the other people who love using support hero. I hope we can meet again in my next article. Thanks and have a nice day dude.

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