Dota 2 Medusa Guide For Newbie Player

There are so many reasons people playing Dota 2 and one of that reasons is because this game is really fun to play. However, even though this game was made in order to make people feels relax. There are a few type of people that can’t relax if their ambition on being the best player still not in their hands. That’s why there are tons of guide to playing┬áDota 2 on the internet. However, not all that guide is up to date. Several of them even can’t be trusted and even written by a kid that usually become cancer in Dota. So, that’s why I will try to give you the real Dota 2 Medusa guide for a newbie player like you. Are you curious? Check this out!

Dota 2 Medusa Guide For Newbie!

medusa build

I know a lot of you ask, why Medusa? Why not an easy hero like Rikimaru or maybe Axe? Well, maybe the answer is because this hero is quite IMBA. Do you know why I say this hero is quite IMBA? That’s because this hero can be a Hard Cary and also an initiator and a savior in your team only because of her ultimate skill. Isn’t that amazing?

To build up this hero until this hero become a killer machine is quite hard. Because without a proper build Medusa will be just a worm that can be crushed anytime. However, if you use the proper Medusa build, you could be feared even if the battle situation is 5 VS 1.

Medusa Counter Hero

medusa counter

Medusa is a tricky hero that hid under her Mana Shield skill and can escape easily with his Stone Gaze skill that can turn anybody into a stone for a few seconds. However, even though this hero seems impossible to beat. I think you can still kill her easily with a few proper Medusa counter hero. The hero that can cause mana burn effect like Anti Mage, Outworld Devourer and Nyx Assasin is her biggest enemies. Rikimaru, Silencer, and Doom also can be her enemies if they can find a right time to use their silent skill to prevent Medusa from running away with her ultimate skill.

So, what will you do if one of your enemies choose to pick Medusa? Well, my advice is you need to stay calm, look at the situation, and try to gank her as much as possible. Because even though she is too fat to beat, this is a team game. She can’t win this game alone without her friends. You could beat them one by one and ruin Medusa confidence. Well, this trick is really tricky but who cares? As long as we can win and that’s not cheating it’s still allowed, right?

I think my article today about dota 2 Medusa guide is enough and clear for you. Thanks for coming and reading my guide about Medusa. If you think my guide today is useful, please share my guide today with the other Dota 2 player. I hope my article today can help to be a better player. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day guys.


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