Dota 2 Tricks To Play Furion The Nature Prophet

Howdy guys, hows your day? Do everything goes well? What if we talk about Dota 2? Do your gameplay already become better than before? Do your MMR point already rise up or maybe decrease? Whose fault is that if your rank slides down than before? Is it because of your foolishness? Or is it because of your teammates is a bunch of idiots? Well, what if I give you a risky solution? At least try this Dota 2 tricks to raise up your MMR points. I think these tricks haven’t used by so many people and maybe can be effectively used on your tier. So, are you curious? Well, check it out!

Dota 2 Tricks To Win

Dota 2 Tips


Well, I know you must be tired of losing and you want to end up this Satan circle, right? I know that’s your main and biggest reason. However, to win this game you need all of your team, right? Well, what if you team up with a bunch of idiots? Do you need to lose again and again even though you already give your best? Well, on my Dota 2 review today, I will tell you how to win even though your team up with a bunch of idiot people.

In this game number means nothing. Well, even though you have a bunch of people that gathered up in one place, this doesn’t ensure your win. That’s why a rats word is born in Dota 2. Well, “rats” are one of the most popular strategies that commonly used in Dota2 tips especially if you are in a tight situation. You also can pick the “rats” hero according to enemies hero and planning position. There are a lot of heroes that categorized as a “rats” hero as long as they make a proper build their items. Sometimes people will choose whether its Drow Ranger, Naga Siren, Tinker, or Lycan the Bane Hollow. But who guess if Nature Prophet that looks weak in the early game can be the best “rats” too? The question now is how?

Well, to make up this meta happen, I suggest you pick a safe lane as your farming lane. You also can be a junggling hero, just make sure you gain your gold as much as you can and as fast as possible. Well, after you gain your gold you can follow up my steps.

  1. Power Thread.
    • Because you need a lot of damage and you will farm alone. You need to be durable first. This item is the most suitable for your hero to survive in lane. This boots will be exchanged to be Boots Of Travel later for more mobility.
  2. Dominator Helm.
    • Your evil plan will start now. Make this Dominator Helm and dominate one creep or one jungle creep to help you push your enemies tower.
  3. Necrominion.
    • The next items are necro minion book. This evil thing will help you summon a demon to help you push even faster. Now you have 5 treant units (9 treants if you pick the talent tree) under your control if we combine it with your summon wolves skill.
  4. Refresher Orbs.
    • Who says that you don’t need refresher orbs? This is the ultimate item for your evil plan. Why do I say like that? Well, can you imagine how many armies you will have if you use refresher orbs? 9 treants (if you pick the talent tree), 2 minions, 1 jungle monster and now multiply it with 2, now you have tons of army!
  5. Shadow Blade/Silver Edge (advanced item).
    • You will need this item to sneak silently to the enemy base and hurl a lot of army¬†at once. I bet you will be the most wanted person in enemies team because you are so annoying with your minions’ team. That’s why if you have spare money, I think you should consider buying this item for your safety.

Well, I think my article today about Dota 2 tricks is enough for today. If you think my article today is good enough for you, please share my article today with the other Dota 2 players. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day dude.

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