Dragonvale Guide || Breed Your Moon Dragon Immediately!

Howdy guys? As for us, we are in a great condition. We finally found a way to breed a Moon Dragon. This is a legendary Dragon and one of the amazing creature in the game. Here, for people who do not have it yet, we have Dragonvale Guide to tell you how to obtain it. Read the guide until the end to find out.

Reach Certain Park Level

We know breeding system unlock early in the game. But in order to breed Moon Dragon, you need to reach level 10 for your Park. After that, you will unlock an area called Epic Breeding Island. This is the place where you breed Moon Dragon. Just level up your park immediately. This is the only way to get the Dragon. Others method is not available.

Breed Suitable Dragon

You cannot use random Dragon to obtain this one. Only specific Dragon combination which results in Moon Dragon. Here, we will give you the possible list:

  • Blue Fire Dragon with a Storm Dragon
  • Water Dragon with Firefly Dragon
  • Cold Dragon with a Lightning Dragon
  • Sonic Dragon with a Snow Dragon
  • Quake Dragon with an Ice Dragon

We know really well you need to have a rare Dragon to obtain this one. Unfortunately, we cannot give you the combination to get all the Dragons above. You need to search it on the internet.

One Day is Required to Obtain it

After you get the possible Dragon, place it on the island to begin the breeding. You need to wait for 48 hours or one day for exactly. If you want to speed up the progress, you can use gems. Of course, you need at least hundreds of gems depends on the wait time. If you really want to get it quickly, just use your precious currency.

dragonvale moon dragon

Place it in the Suitable Place

After you get the Dragon, do not forget to place it in the suitable place to maximize the growth rate. That is why, when you breeding this one, you need to build moon habitat. Do not need to worry it will not take a lot of times. Do not forget to take care of it regularly. This is a legendary Dragon. We are sure you do not want something happens.

Final Words

That is all about the guide to obtain it. For people who confused in a certain part, do not need to hesitate to ask us. We will tell you briefly, so you can understand it easily. We also provide you an easy way to get free gems in your Dragonvale game. Visit the link below.


You will get what you need within any second. Do not forget to give many thanks to the creator. Last but not least, for you who want to look for another to get it, you can visit guide to hack Android or iOS game from us.

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