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If we talk about myth, the famous one indeed 12 Olympians Gods. There are many interesting secrets behind them. This is what makes mythology really interesting. For you who love the mythological stuff, share you the famous Olympians Gods. Remember, we will not tell you all of them, we choose the famous one. To cure your curiosity, see the list below.



This name is not strange anymore. Zeus is the most famous Olympian God of all time. You can see the appearance of this God in the movies and games numerous time. For you who do not know, Zeus is the king of Gods and the master of Mount Olympus. We do not need to doubt his power. Among the twelve gods, he is the strongest of all. That is why he gets the king of Gods title. Also, he has many lovers. So, it is no wonder, he has many children.



The son of Zeus. Ares or also known as God of war is really ferocious when in the battle. He beat all the opponents without any consideration. That is why all the Gods despise him. This God only knows how to do a war because he dedicated his life to it.



God of the seas, earthquakes, and hurricane. Do not ever make this God angry because he can summon tremendous hurricane and earthquake on his own free will. He is the brother of Zeus and has many lovers like his father.



In the fourth list, we have Appolo, the God of the sun. He can heal all kind of disease with his healing power. He also has a twin brother called Artemis. Appolo can also see a future, we do not know this fact true or not. He also one of the best musician in his life.



The messenger of God or also known as the trickster. He really enjoys tricking other gods for his own satisfaction. Even though the trick a God, he will save any traveler from any harm. His famous equipment winged sandals which he uses to deliver the message from the god to the human.


Which one do you think is the famous one? Do not forget to write it down in the comment section below. Let us discuss the topic right away. For you who do not satisfied with the current article, we have another one which entitled creepy places around the world. If you think this article is helpful, please share it with your friends or relatives. Who know they need an information about Olympians Gods. See you all again in the next article guys.

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