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Howdy and good evening my friends. Welcome back to my website. So, how’s your day? Is it fun? Well, I hope everything is safe and sound. Let’s talk straight to the topic, this day I want to introduce to you one of my favorite game that I have found not awhile a go. Do you want to know what is it? Well, it is Greedy Cave game. Even though the graphic of this game looks like a Nintendo game, I can assure you that aside from this game “standard graphic”, there is a lot of fun features that we can enjoy this game. So, are you curious yet?

Greedy Cave Game

Greedy cave tips

Tired of playing ordinary RPG game like Final Fantasy, Batman, Spiderman because they all have a same theme and gameplay? Do you want to get back to something more old style and classic? Well, maybe you need to try playing Greedy Cave online game. Why do I suggest this game? Honestly, maybe because I also play it and never seen a game that can bring back an old memory of playing an old style RPG game but not just that, this game also giving a few modern feature that we will never meet on the other similar games out there.

Greedy Cave is an old style RPG game that published by Avalon-games in order to fulfill everyone thirst on a game like this. However, even though this is an old style RPG game, there are still so many people that have a hard time playing this game. Well, I think this game features already quite complete because this game giving us a feature to generate cave level that will give you a different sensation of game experience every time you play so you will never feel bored with this game, hundreds of monster to defeat so you will always feel challenged, hundreds of equipment to collect to fulfill your lust on becoming the coolest and strongest player, hundreds of achievement and quest to conquer, enchanting system, leveling up, Gold collecting, and many more.

Greedy Cave Tips Before You Start PlayingGreedy cave game

Well, there are a few people that love to play the game “Nakedly” even though they have no common knowledge of that game. There are also a few people that love to find out a little about this game and the other even do an analysis to play this game more effectively. Well, because I don’t know which kind of player you are, I will just give this Greedy cave tips to you, I hope this tip is useful enough for your starter pack.

In The Greedy Cave, you will enter the dungeon with near nothing with the aim of killing monsters and collecting loot. Upon killing monsters or mobs you will gain Exp and once the Exp Meter is full you will level up. Monsters will sometimes drop loot this can range from Gold, MP Potions, HP Potions, Vision Scrolls, Upgrade materials or gear. However, if you die in the dungeon you will lose all progress gained before entering the dungeon. Any item, gold or experience you gained is lost. Frustrating right? But don’t worry it’s all a learning curve. Any items you had before entering will not be lost.

However, if you keep stuck in one place and not moving any further even though you have been following all those tips I give to you. I think maybe you need my last weapon and that is Greedy Cave hack. Yeah, I know it’s quite dirty. However, there are no other choices and everything is up to you, you can close this article or just follow me up to the dark side of this game. Your choice! I think my article today about Greedy Cave game is enough for today. I hope my tips are useful for you. Please share and leave a comment below and let me know if there is something wrong with this tips. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day dude.

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