Heroes Evolved Hero Review: Nosferatu The Vampyre

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. So, Do you complete the event quest daily? How’s your rank in Heroes Evolved game? Do you succeed to raise up your rank in this game? Well, if you still meet a trouble when raising your rank in leader match, maybe you need to learn a new trick like how to conquer the game rhythm. There are not many people who know about this trick and a suitable hero for doing this trick. That’s why I think this trick will do. So, are you curious about this trick? Come and take a look at my Heroes Evolved hero review on playing Nosferatu the Vampyre today!

Heroes Evolved Hero Review: Nosferatu The Vampyre

heroes evolved item build

Heroes evolved is a game that counts and really rely on teamwork. However, there are so many people that don’t know how to make their team sync and able to make a proper teamwork, especially if they are a complete stranger. Ego, a feeling that wants to show and amaze the other people, and even greediness is the most usual thing that often breaks a chance to make the team able to do a teamwork. The fatal act that they usually do is when they can’t halt what they told to the other people. This is the most usual thing that makes a mental breakdown and encourages their team to achieve victory. So, from here we can now if skill itself isn’t enough to win this game, right.

This is also applicable to a lineup. When a lineup phase happening, throw away your ego and prioritize your team need. Talk to them if you can’t use tank or range in an early phase. Well, if in a case you are forced to pick mage but you are a warrior hero user, you can use Nosferatu and use my Heroes evolved guide this day!

Nosferatu is a burst magical damage dealer. His ability works like a poison that deals medium magical damage to enemies for a few seconds. Well, like the meaning of his names, Nosferatu could be an immortal being that really hard to beat. Why? It’s because all of his skills is able to recover his wounds and of course with a little mana usage.

His first skill is bloodsucker, this ability able to switch 50% magical damage dealt with the enemies into Nosferatu health, His second skills “River of Bloods” is granting Nosferatu a health regen boost up to 10 regens/sec inside that skill, this skill also damaging enemies and works really well to spell vampire item. He also has an unimaginable powerful ultimate skill that will give both burst damage and continuous damage to the enemies, this skill also able to recover up to 50% damage dealt with the enemies as health.

Nosferatu Items Build!

heroes evolved hero item build

Well, even though Nosferatu is a strong intelligence hero, without a proper item build, this hero will be just a mess. That’s why I will share my own Heroes evolved item build on this hero to you. Check this out!

DarkV’s Item Guide

  1. Boots of Inspiration or Holly Speed Boots
    • You can choose between this items. Because both of this items will help you in an early game. If you choose  Boots of Inspiration, you will gain +20 magical damage which is really a big deal in an early game and you will also gain +50 movement speed. However, if you choose Holly Speed Boots, you will gain +90 movement speed and +8% Holy Aura Speed and this is really profitable to chase down your run away enemies and to save you own self!
  2. Chronos Coronet
    • Because you are a frontline mage, you will need a lot of Health points but you will also need to upgrade your magical damage, right?? That’s why this item is really suitable for you. Aside you will get total +600 health points from this item, you will also get total +70 magical damage. Isn’t that amazing?
  3. Arcane Orb
    • Do you still need health? Don’t worry, rather than make a Chronos Coronet twice, you can make an Arcane Orb for your next item. Because aside from increasing your health points, you will also get an aura that will reduce enemies team magical defense and that means extra magical damage for you!
  4. Crystal Scepter
    • Tired of your enemies stepping outside your second skill and make it hard to kill? Well, don’t worry because right after you make this item, I bet your enemies can be chased down easily!
  5. Quick Pulse
    • This is an item that can complete your combo whether it is with your ultimate skill or second skill because this item will give you + 15% magical life steal which is really useful for and will help you to show your enemies the true meaning of fear!
  6. Staff of Conversion
    • Because this is the last item that you will make, this item must be amazing! Yes, you right! This item will grant you +60 magical damage and also increase 35% spell power! Isn’t that quite too much?

Well, I think that’s all tips that I can give on my Heroes evolved hero review on Nosferatu hero that I can give to you. I hope you enjoy it and this guide could be useful for you. Thanks for coming to my website today. If you think my website is useful enough for you, please share my article today to the other Mobile Legends user. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day guys.

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