Heroes Evolved Tips To Play Guan Yu The Mighty General

Before we start our topic today, let me greet you. Good morning everybody, welcome to my website. Ok, our topic today is about a new game in MOBA world. So, do you know what is MOBA? MOBA is a game that included a multiplayer battle arena game. The game that I will put as my topic today is Heroes Evolved and one of their strongest character, Guan Yu. So, are you curious about what will I spill about this game? Do you want to know about this Heroes Evolved tips and become a professional player? Come and read it bellow!

Heroes Evolved Tips

Heroes evolved tricks

Here’s a brief explanation of Heroes Evolved game in my Heroes Evolved review.

Heroes Evolved is MOBA action game that newly published by R2games. This game is published by R2Games to compete with Mobile Legends, Vain Glory and many other similar games in MOBA games. However, do you know that all of those games is a pure copy of Dota2 and League Of Legends game on the computer?

Luckily this game provides us with so many different heroes and a different feature that we will meet in any other games such as the gems feature, the free diamond feature, and the 3 payment method. So, do you interested in this game? If you are interested in this game, I will suggest you use Guan Yu as your first hero.

Why do I refer you to use Guan Yu?

First, Guan Yu is a durable hero that suitable for your newbie gameplay.

Second, Guan Yu also have an enough damage to kill enemy easily.?

Third, Guan Yu also suitable for initiator because of his combo skills.

Heroes Evolved Tips

Heroes evolved review

Well, according to my experience using Guan Yu as one of my favorite heroes, this hero doesn’t need many items to be useful. However, you need to watch carefully for the situation whether you need to start the war or just retreat. Here are a few Heroes Evolved tips from me that I can give to you?.

  1. Don’t jump into the middle of enemies without your whole team covering you up!
  2. Avoid war and doing a proper farming.
  3. Remember your main objective to win the game.
  4. Make a proper item according to the situation.

Well, aside from all of those team tips you also need to play Guan Yu properly. Just make an item that will raise up your strength point. Why do I suggest you make an item that will raise your strength points? It’s because more strength means more defend and more attack.

I think my article today about Heroes evolved tips is clear and enough. If you think my article today about heroes evolved game is useful for you, please share my article today with other heroes evolved players. Thanks for sparing a few minutes to visit my website and read my article today. Well, I hope you will come to my next article. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have something you want to ask to me. Goodbye guys and have a nice day.

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