Hill Climb Racing Coins Guide || What You Can Do with Coins in this Game!

Hill Climb Racing indeed the fun game to play. All people from around the world enjoy this one very much. We can do a unique race which makes us laugh. Can you ever imagine to ride a tank in a hill? We are sure it is sound ridiculous. Only in this game, you can feel the excitement. Now, without any further ado, we will go directly to the topic today. We will offer you Hill Climb Racing Coins guide right away.

Coins Guide

In this section, we will tell you the function of coins in this game. What can you do with it? See the details below.

Buy New Stage

hill climb racing stage

There are many stages which you need to unlock. For the first time you play the game, you can only enter some of them. In order to play all the stages, coins are required to open another one. Of course, you want to challenge another stage to make yourself become the best racer in this game.

New Vehicles

hill climb racing stage

The main point of this game is the vehicle. We are sure you will get bored when using the same vehicle all over again. For that sole reason, you need to purchase new vehicles. But it is not easy as you think, you need coins to sacrifice. Depend on the vehicles, there are some of them which sell quite expensive. But you need to purchase it at all cost. Remember to play the game regularly to earn more coins.


For you who do not know, you can upgrade your vehicles. You can upgrade it from tires, suspension, handling, and speed. Of course, you need to think wise in this section. Each vehicle has different capacity if you upgrade it without any consideration, you will know the effect. For example, it is futile to upgrade tank speed because it is already slow from the start. If you can master this upgrade, you can pass any stage easily. We can ensure you.

Final Words

That is the functionality of coins. Now, you already know what you need to do. Always collect your main currency as many as you can because you already know the important function of it. Actually, it is not that hard if you do your best. If you have difficulties, you can use Hill Climb Racing hack. Here, you will unlimited coins immediately. Grab it right away before it is still last. For the last, you can also see top 10 interesting games on Android from us.

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