How To Counter Nature Prophet Dota 2 In Patch 7.06

There are a lot of people that say if Nature Prophet Dota 2 getting more IMBA or imbalance since he gets reformed by Icefrog. Well, as long as I remember the best Rat in Dota 2 is Nature Prophet or for Dota 1 player he also recognized as Furion and this hero even getting more annoying after patch 7.06. That’s why today I want to share with you about a trick to counter Nature Prophet in the new patch. So, are you curious? Check out my article today.

How To Beat Nature Prophet Dota 2 In New Patch?

Furion guide

Well, there are a lot of people that asking on how to defeat Nature Prophet after the new update from IceFrog. Do you know why people hate this hero so much after the update? It’s because IceFrog removes the cooldown of Nature Prophet Teleportation in the talent tree level 25. Well, even with cooldown Nature Prophet teleportation skill still annoying for several people and now without Cooldown? Are you kidding me IceFrog?

However, a few professional that pissed off by this update try to find the solution to this problem and find that the Furion guide that used by the player usually same. Well, because of the movability of this hero is quite high because of that no cooldown teleportation skill. We need to set up a plan to ambush him as fast as possible after he landed from his teleportation or else he will run away.

Strategy To Ambush Furion

Nature prophe counter

Well, I think to ambush Furion the Nature Prophet you need to pick his nature enemies. Well, because all of them using the same guide. I can predict that they will make Shadow Blade later. That’s why I think picking Slardar or Bounty Hunter that can track down his position as Nature Prophet counter could be a wise choice.

Also to prevent him from running away after being tracked down. We also need to make a few items that can disable his movement or skills for a while like Orchid Malevolence or Scythe of Vyse. I think both of this item is more than enough to stop Nature Prophet movement. However, the most important thing in this plan is a proper team. Because without a proper team, all this plan will be just a plan. That’s why aside from proper plan, a proper team also important in this game. The speed of your farm and your gold progress also important. That’s why I will suggest you play with you friends rather than strangers.

I think my article today about how to counter Nature Prophet Dota 2 is clear enough. I hope my article can help you to counter this annoying hero. Don’t forget to share my article if you think my article is useful enough for you. Who knows maybe the other people also need it to win their game, right? Thank you for coming and reading my article today. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day guys. Don’t forget to leave a comment for request on what should I write for the next day.

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