How To Spending Time Together With Your Love and Make It Your Quality Time!

Greeting oh my lovely fellow. So, how’s your day? Do you have anything you want to ask to me? Do you have something that keeps disturbing your mind? Well, you can ask me today at the column box below! This day as requested by one of my friends, I will bring up a topic about how to spending time together and make a quality time together with them. Wait, what? You must be thinking that spending time with them can be called quality time, right? Well, it is not quality time! That’s why this day I will try to give you a right explanation about quality time to you. So, check it out!

Quality Time, What’s That?

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There is no straight explanation about what is quality time. However, as long as I remember, people use this word to pronounce a time where you spend that time only with someone you will spend with. Itu could be you family, your friends, and usually your lover.

However, because there is no proper explanation about this word, people sometimes misunderstand about this word. The associate this word with the meaning of possessive and that is totally different! The meaning of quality time didn’t push you to always stay around with them for a long period. The meaning of quality time is when you can spend the time together and connecting your heart to each other. In so many healthy relationship tips, we will find an advice that tells us to spend more time with our lover, right? The question now is, HOW? Especially if both of us is a bussy person.

Spending Time Together is Not Hard!

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Do you know if we can properly manage our time we can make our quality tine more efficient? Do you also know we also need to advance our quality time management to make it enough for our ownself too?

First, to make your quality time more intimate you need to make an agreement with your lover. Both of you are not allowed to use any cellular device. Second, talk anything to her or him, take her or his attention. If he or she already attracted and distracted from his or her problem, you can spend your time doing anything. Start with cuddle with him or her, talk with about each other day and experiences, talk about your future plans and so many things. You also can spend time with just watching television and cuddle each other on the sofa. Just do anything to improve your intimation to each other.

Well, I think my article today about spending time together is clear and enough for today. If you think my article today is useful for you, please share my article with the other people who also need this information about quality time. Thank you for coming to my website and sparing a few minutes to read my article today. I hope you won’t get bored with me and we will meet again in my next article. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day dude.

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