Living Room Wall Decor Ideas | Put Eye-catching Decorations on Your Wall

When we have so much thing to put on our living room wall, we tend to have a confusion of which one we will put. Today, I want to give you some ideas about some living room wall decor ideas which you can show off to anyone who comes to your home. Check out ideas below to give your living room a new and vibrant atmosphere.


I think every family in this world have at least one picture together with the entire family member. The photographs of you and all your loved ones can be great a decoration hanging in your living room. When you have already decided to use some photographs for your decor, the next thing to have in mind is the frame. Pick one that suits your living room style so it will appropriate and become an eye-catching decoration to your room.

Family Pictures 1

Family Pictures 2


Words can also be a good substitute over photos. You can create the frame for the quotes to be printed on with the way you prefer. Make sure you use a frame which can blend together with the room and pick the suitable quotes for you and your entire family. See some of the great ideas for framed quotes below.

Quotes Ideas 2

Quotes Ideas 1

Arts and Crafts

For people who have an artistic desire in their soul can go with some arts and crafts stuff. A painting from someone famous like Van Gogh, the Silent Night or maybe a painting of Mona Lisa can be a great choice to hang on your wall. If you prefer some DIY crafts, you can make something inspired by Pinterest and put on the wall in your living room with some nice shelving.

Arts and Crafts Ideas

DIY Ideas

Art Ideas 3

Printed Wallpapers

Some people prefer a printed wallpaper to give the wall extra vibrant to the room. It’s not a bad idea to put it to cover up your wall. Today we have seen lots of models for wallpapers. Pick one which you think would be a great addition and appropriate with the room color. See some of the ideas below.

Printed Wallpaper Ideas 2

Printed Wallpapers Ideas 1

Printed Wallpapers Ideas 3--palm-wallpaper-wallpaper-accent-walls

Giving your own decorations to your living room can give the freshness feeling for the people who live inside. Do not be afraid to add something you think it’s good for your living room. It is your home, so it is your rule which makes you as the king/queen of the house. See you next time for other inspirational ideas if you want to get more regarding this design. Feel free to visit Roohome.

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