Mobile Legends Guide, Clint The Shooter From The Wastelands

Hi, thanks for visiting my new website. In this website, I will share to you everything starts from games, movies, books, information, science, and everything I know. This day I want to share with you about Mobile Legends guide and how to play Clint and become the best shooter they have never seen.

Mobile Legends Guide and Tips To Play Clint

clint mobile legends

Mobile legends game¬†is so much fun and for your info, this game is newly released and quickly attract so much attention on it. However, because this game is new, there is so much newbie player spreading all around the game. Well, even though this game is new, there are several people who can’t learn from the other people mistake and do the same mistake again and again. Isn’t that ironic? So, that’s why today I will tell you a little Mobile legends tips on you.

Clint comes from the wastelands as the righteous¬†person. He also has six friends that help him to keep the peace in his homeland. However, this hero is very weak, yeah maybe it’s because he is a marksman type hero but with the correct build, this hero could be very strong and maybe unbeatable.

Are you curious about my build when I’m playing Clint? So, do you want to know about my Clint build? Well, check this out.

  1. Swift Boots
    • In the early game, this hero really depends on attack speed. Yeah, to hide his weakness on his basic damage, he needs more attack speed. However, in the late game, with the right build, this hero can be one shot man. Isn’t that amazing?
  2. Endless Battle
    • This item is very great for Clint because of the passive ability he gets and the Lifesteal effect from this item. The passive skill from this item will chance your 70% physical attack as true damage that will pierce your defense.
  3. Wind Chaser
    • Wind chaser also a great item for Clint because this item will give Clint 40% Physical Penetration and +60 Physical damage as an addition.
  4. Blade Of Destruction
    • This item will provide you with +50% Crit damage and a passive skill that will increase 5% of your physical damage, every time you success landing a critical hit on an enemy.
  5. Hunter Strike
    • Chase down your enemy who tries to run away from you with Hunter Strike. This item will give you +100 physical damage which is so great for Clint and the passive skill is awesome too. The passive skill from this item allows Clint to chase enemies with +30% movement speed every time he killed an enemy.
  6. Blade Of Despair
    • +130 physical damage, +25% attack speed, +10% critical chance, this item is so great for Clint. So, what are you waiting for? Make this item as your late game item and you Clint will be unbeatable.

Well, after reading my article today about Mobile Legends guide, what do you think about Clint hero? Isn’t this hero is really great for newbie player? If you think my article today is useful, please share this article with them. See you soon on my next article guys.

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