Mobile Legends Hero Review: Harley, The Mage Genius

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. This day I want to share with you about mobile legends hero review. Well, my review this day is our newest hero, Harley the Mage Genius. So, how much do you know about our newest hero? Do you know how to use his absurd power? Do you know how to become a great mage for your teammates? Find out how to be a good mage that useful for your team in the team fight only on my website today!

Mobile Legends Review

Mobile legends trick

There are so many heroes that being updated by Moontoon as the developer of this game. The number of heroes that available on this game grows up faster and faster along with the game complexity. However, even though the complexity and the problem of this game grow much complex each time big update coming.

The player of this game will keep trying to adapt their own self in no time and then the loser will leave this game with unfair feeling. Well, this is what the developer try to teach us. That loser will be left alone behind everyone when the other grow up stronger and stronger. That’s why to make you not left behind, you need a new hero that suits with your gameplay and mastering it! Why not give a shot to our new comer and look at my Mobile Legends tricks? Who knows maybe my tricks would be useful for you.

Mobile Legends Hero Review and Build!

Mobile legends item build

Well, because Harley the Mage Genius is a new comer into Mobile Legends world, there are not many Mobile Legends tips that I can give to you on using to this hero. However, to hide this hero weakness, aside from using an old trick and hope that trick is applicable to this hero, we also can use a proper Mobile Legends item build and that would be a great boost for this new hero, since there are not so many people that know much about Harley, right?

Mobile Legends Item Build For Harley!

  1. Feather of Heaven
    •  +65 Magic Power / +30% Attack Speed /
    • Unique Passive: Affliction: Basic attacks will deal 40% of the hero’s AP as additional magic damage Unique Passive: Derive: Increases Spell Vamp effect by additional 8%. Magic power and attack speed for both arsenal of AP and AD.
      • This will be your core item that you need to get as soon as possible. This will boost not only your basic attack but also your passive that relies on magic power.
  2. Clock of Destiny
    • +60 Magic Power / +615 HP / +600 Mana /
    • Unique Passive- Time: Adds 30 HP and 5 magic attack every 30 seconds. Up to 10 times.
    • Unique Passive – reincarnate: if Time is fully stacked, then the hero will receive 5% magic attack and 300 mana.
      • At this point, I see most of the time are getting their shoes for additional mobility but not for Harley. You don’t need to worry too much about your movement speed at this point as you always have an escape with your Space Escape. By sacrificing your movement speed, Clock of Destiny will boost your magic power and mana greatly. This will aid you to harass your opposing laner hard as well as giving you decent HP for sustain.
  3. Swift Boots
    • +15% Attack Speed / Unique: +40 Movement Speed.
      • This is the time that you need to buy Boots so you can roam to another lane for additional teammate assistance or kill. Swift boots is the best because you need to invest on attack speed too to make your attack damage efficient.
  4. Devil Tears
    • +65 Magic Power / Unique: +40% Magic Penetration /
    • Unique Passive: Spellbreaker: When HP is higher than 70%, the unique bonus effect is increased by 30%.
  5. Blood Wings
    • +150 Magic Power / +150 HP /
    • Unique Passive: Nirvana: Adds 2 HP for every 1 point of magic power.
  6. Ice Queen Wand
    • +75 Magic Power / +15 Mana Regen / +7% Movement Speed /
    • Unique Passive: Ice Bound: Skills that damage an enemy hero will carry a 15% slow down effect. This effect lasts 3 seconds and stacks up to two times.

Well, I think my article today about Mobile legends Hero review for Harley is enough for today. If you think my article today is useful for today, please share my article today to the other Mobile Legends player. I hope we will meet in my next article and have a nice day guys.

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