Mobile Legends Review: Eudora Guide

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share with you, my mobile legends review about Eudora. So, are you a Mobile Legends player too? What hero do you like to pick and play? Are you good at using that hero? Well, this day I will share you some Mobile Legends tricks and review to you, check this out, guys.

Mobile Legends Review

eudora build

Some people knew the story of Eudora the Excellent apprentice magic scholar. However, not everyone knows about her story, that’s why I will try to give you the lore about Eudora. She is the student of many teachers. She was an apprentice wizard, Eudora’s has the special lightning power that always shocked her many teachers. After so many times studying, her teachers find out that there’s nothing left that can be taught to her. She had already mastered all they had to teach to her. Graving to continue her study, she steps into the Land of Dawn, believing that her magic will bring up the new history to that land.

So, what do you think after reading her story? Isn’t she is amazing? However, without a proper build, Eudora will be just a trash hero that can be died so easily. This hero needs a proper player that can make a proper Eudora build. This hero has so many weak points that make this hero really squishy. Well, as I said before, she needs a proper build, I more prefer to make her a deadly weapon, so even though this hero is squishy at least I can kill them before they able to kill me.

Mobile Legends Tricks

mobile legends review

Don’t you know there are a few Mobile Legends tricks in this game? Like hiding in the bush will make you invisible, hiding behind your enemies creeps will make your enemies auto aim unable to aiming you. Well, can you imagine if someone with that much tricks knowledge and proper Eudora builds in your enemy team? Isn’t that would be one of the scariest nightmares?

Well, my advice when you playing this game is, you need to keep up your coordination. Because who knows maybe with a little hard work and coordination you can still win this game with stealing a few crucial moment from their team. Because everything can happen in this game. So, don’t be too proud if you are leading in the early game, because maybe you can get down right after the game run into the middle phase. Don’t forget to maintain your teamwork with your team too, because this is teamplay game, not a solo play game. What do you think? Can you become the best player?

Thanks for coming to my website and read my article about Mobile Legends review today. I hope my article today will help you to become the best player in Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share this article with the other Mobile Legends players. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day guys.


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