Mobile Legends Tricks, How To Beat Moskov

Moskov as the best range hero in Mobile Legends also become feared among the other heroes. However, not many heroes also can handle Moskov when they meet on one VS one battle. So, according to your opinion, what would you do to kill Moskov and ensure your win? That’s why this day I will give you some of my Mobile Legends tricks to ensure you win in your battle.

Mobile Legends Tricks

mobile legends tips

There are a few tricks to handle Moskov. Well, we can predict that this hero will be a mid hero. That’s why we need to watch his every movement. We also need to help our mid lane hero with Ganking Moscov as much as possible. Well, Moscov is squishy but also tricky hero like I have said on my Mobile Legends review before.

However, even though Moskov hero is very squishy but there are not so many heroes that can lock down him. Some people think they can give him enough damage before ends up dying foolishly. Well, it looks so funny when you act all brave but ends up dying like a fool.

Well, we can say we have a hero like franco for reasons, right? I think one from so many reasons is to counter Moskov but to counter this hero you need a very fast and accurate Franco because this hero can blink and run away anytime, every time he senses something not right.

Mobile Legends Tips

mobile legends review

Well, my tips to kill Moskov is to pick several heroes like Layla, Rafaela, Nana, Franco, and the last is Yun Zhao. All that heroes can catch and prevent this hero from running away. With the correct team play, they can prevent Moskov from blink away with continuous disable.

However, even though they can disable him continuously, they also can be defeated if that Moskov use Purify as his battle spell and run away before the other people can continue the disable. Well, I think this hero is really over powered especially if he already completed his farm and get all his item. I think maybe he can win this game alone without any help. However, all you need to remember is this is a team game, even if you are already overpowered, you can still be defeated. Just imagine you as Moskov and you team split into three teams and doing a split push meanwhile your team is a lack of item because only you who get killed in your team. Will you win? I think you can’t win. That’s why teamwork is so important to defeat Moskov.

Thanks for coming to my website today and read my article about Mobile Legends tricks to you. I hope my article today can help you to defeat Moskov easily and grant your team a victory. If you think my article today is useful for you, please share my article today with your friends and another Mobile Legends player as their information. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day, guys.

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