The Popular Anime Genre || Choose Your Favorite One Right Away!

As we know, there are tons of anime genre out there. But only a few of them which become the favorite of the watcher. Here, we will tell you the popular anime genre up until now. Is it your favorite genre include here? Let us find out the truth right away.

anime genre


In the first place, the action genre still becomes the best one of all. We simply cannot forget anime like Naruto, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, and One Piece. That is the top tier show in action anime. What makes this become the best because of the simple storyline which everyone can enjoy without any difficulties and the cool action scene. Each character shows their special skill to beat the enemy. It is really entertaining to watch.


Romance indeed become the most popular if action genre never exists. We can enjoy the warm story from it. Sometimes it will remind us of our love. We do not know why it is really enjoyable to watch romance genre. Of course, for people who do not like melancholy story must avoid this one at all cost. In order to watch this, you need to endure your anger because the protagonist is really dumb. They do not realize some characters fall in love with them.


Horror always becomes the exciting genre to watch. Especially anime like Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni which combines horror, gore, and mystery into one. Do not think anime horror cannot produce a thrilling sensation like the real horror movie. Watch it by yourself and you will know what we mean by it.

Slice of Life

We are sure some of you do not familiar with this kind of genre.  This one will tell us about the daily life of the protagonist in the anime. It is whether about their problem. In other words, it is like us who run our life normally, got to school, talk with friends, and do another activity. So, what so special about this genre? It will tell us a life lesson which we can apply in our life. March Like a Lion is one of the great anime in this genre you can watch.

Final Words

Which one is your favorite? As for us, all of them is our favorite. We cannot choose because each of them has their own superiority. Let us discuss your favorite anime genre right away in the comment box. See you again in the next article guys!

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