Roblox Guide || How to Trade Items in this game (100% Tested)

People must confused how to trade work in this game. Although you can see the menu clearly as the sky, you do not have the access to do it. Here, we will tell you how to trade items in this game through our Roblox guide. Be sure to read it thoroughly or you cannot trade your items with all players in the game. Follow the instructions below immediately.

Builders Club

roblox builders club

The first thing you can do is join a Builders Club. Of course, it is not free, you need to pay a monthly fee around $.5.95-$100. The price is not really expensive also you will meet all kind of people as the exchange. To make it more perfect, you also get rare items because the people who join this game usually already become a pro. Do not need to worry, this is not the only way to access the trade function. But if you want get an awesome item, this is the best place to obtain.


When the first time you play this game, all the accessibility in the trade menu is turn off. We are sure most people do not aware about this fact. You can turn it on in Roblox account setting. Remember, this is a random trade. So, you cannot choose which item you want. The server of the game will give you random trade partner.

Search for Friends

roblox friend trade

If you do not want to use the trade function on the home menu. You can find a partner and trade with them. It is same like Builders Club, there is a chance you will get a rare item on the friend’s trade. But the probability is not high. You already know how hard to befriend pro player. Especially if we are a noob who recently played the game.

Promote Your Items

The last method of our guide, you can promote your items and write down the item you want in return. You can do this on Roblox forum. It will take a lot of time. But it is better than nothing. We recommend you choose the item which becomes the trends right now in order to get a quick response from all users.


Actually, it is not hard to trade items in this game. Now, you already know how the trade system work. It is the right time to begin the trade with your friends. Before you close the article, we have two cool presents for you. The first one you can obtain Robux and Tix by clicking Roblox hack and the last you can see Roblox game tips to help you clear all your problem.

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