Thomas Alva Edison Inventions || The Man Who Revive This World With His Inventions!

Thomas Alva Edison is a great man from America which Invented many things. Before he becomes an inventor, he is a normal businessman. Later on, he changed his work because he already failed to become a great businessman. Directly he becomes an inventor. When he succeeds creates an electricity, he nominated becomes the greatest America’s inventor. Because of that, our life is not shrouded in darkness. Here, we will tell you the greatest Thomas Alva Edison Inventions.


thomas alva edison battery

It is really beneficial to have a battery in our life. We can turn on any electronics thing which required a battery to function properly. If you are looking for the person who made it, the answer is Thomas Alva Edison.  He also builds a company which called The Edison Storage Battery in 1901. Of course, for the first time is not run smoothly, there was some defects product which made the company lost much profit. After year by year has passed, Edison finally can create the greatest one.

Light Bulb

thomas alva edison light bulb

This the first invention of Edison who made him becomes the great inventors in America. Exactly on October 21, 1879, he finally finished his project to create electric currents through a bulb. Many of Americans people amaze of this invention. They can see anything when already dark. To make it more perfect, in order for all people to feel this light, the bulb can attach on their house.

Kinetograph (Motion Picture Camera)

thomas alva edison kinetograph

The first motion picture which Edison ever created along with his employee, W.K.L. Wilson. But, it is not Edison who give the brilliant idea to create it. He only designs the electromechanical and kinetoscope (Peep Hole Viewer). All the credits went to Wilson who has the brilliant idea about this motion camera inventions. The function of this camera is to watch a short film.


thomas alva edison fluoroscopy

The next finding of Thomas Alva Edison is Fluoroscopy. If you know X-Ray system which can scan your whole body, Fluoroscopy is the study of it. Edison is the one who accidentally finds the calcium tungstate in Fluoroscopy screens can produce a faint image through our body. Actually, for the first time, he never thought this screen have this kind of function.


That is all about Thomas Alva Edison inventions. We are sure all of you amazes about his work. It is no wonder he becomes one of the greatest inventors in America. Some of you who want to follow his steps must study hard from now on. Who knows you will become the successor of Thomas Alva Edison.

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