Why We Need Motivation? Self Motivation Tips

There are so many people who need motivation in their life. However, there are not many people who want to give them motivation. Well, that’s why today I will give you the answer the opinion about motivation that spread among the people. So, why we need motivation? Let’s find out more about this question on my website today.

Why We Need Motivation? Common Question In People Mind

what is motivation

There are so many people talking bullshit this day. they say they are a solitary being who don’t need any kind of motivation in their life because they only do what they only want. So, what are you thinking about this kind of person? Do you think they really don’t need people because they can do everything they want alone? Well, honestly I quite disagree with that statement. People has been destined to be a social being, unlike the other being, the human is really attached to the other human being. So, there is almost impossible if you say you don’t need anyone in your life.

The question now, what is motivation and why we need that? Well, if we look at the dictionary, the meaning of motivation is the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. Well, the meaning itself already explained to us why we need some motivations, right?

After knowing the meaning and the importance of motivation. The last question is how to motivate our self to become even better. Well, we can’t always depend on yourself at someone hand, right? So, that’s why maybe learning some self-motivation skills for our own benefit is the right choice to do. Curious on how to do some self-motivation? Well, check it out, because I already prepare it only for you.

Self Motivation Skill

self motivation skill

Well, even we know motivation is important. We can’t lie to our self that not everyone you know wants to motivate you to reach your goal, right? That’s why you need to learn some skills especially the skill to self-motivate yourself. Here are some tips from me so you can start sharpening your “self-motivating skill” for your own self.

  1. Make a deal with yourself.
    • Make sure you can keep your own promise, make a deal with yourself to reach a goal and every time you reach it, you need to celebrate it. Fair enough, right?
  2. Make a small but sure step.
    • You don’t need to hesitate to make a bigger step in your life. Just make sure you keep going and move forward from your place. Because sometimes a beautiful place has a tough and rough road.
  3. Make sure you did not quit in the middle of your fighting.
    • Just make sure your spirit keep burning with remembering all the thing you have sacrifices all this time and that way always success to make me remember about my goal.
  4. Do the toughest tasks first.
    • There are not many people want to do the hard one first. That’s why they always feel their life getting harder and harder every day. Do you ever think to do something different? Like left the easy part of your task to do later? This will make your life easier and you will be more grateful to GOD.

Well, I think my article today about why we need motivation is clear. I really hope my article is inspired enough for you and the other people. Thanks for coming and take a peek at my site today. I really hope we can meet again later in my next article. See you and have nice morning guys.

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